It’s Going To Be A Hot One


Rick was seemingly unconcerned that he might be gradually falling further into a virtual world of social media.  His new duffel coat shielded him from the outside world and the hood allowed fewer distractions. Rick’s walk to work was the same every day. He concentrated completely on tweeting his every thought and step. He might break off from Twitter to advise his friends on Facebook that he was busy tweeting his walk to work.

His increasingly screen-active walk to work appeared almost dismissive of the fact he was gradually cocooning himself in a world that was far more fragile that the real one where he once lived. His friends and family had seen it coming. Thinking it might help, his girlfriend Tia had tried to talk him out of the new coat. He refused to heed her advice. Why would he? After all she is just one person.  He has thousands of people on Twitter and on Facebook who agreed with him and who followed his every move.

As he walked down Norfolk Street he was oblivious to the faint shadow trailing in his wake. As is true with many people who immerse themselves in a virtual world Rick had started to shed his connections to the real one. It seemed the shadow and the consequences were visible to everyone but to Rick himself. He had seen images on Instagram of people with unusual shadows but to him the idea they might be anything other than some clever photoshopping was preposterous.

The shadow that showed up on photographs of Rick was a worry to the people close to him. They showed him dozens of photographs of him being followed by the shadow of his former self.  Sadly their concern was of no consequence to him and he wasn’t about to let them distract him. He had thousands of followers and their loyalty was most important to him. Having spent years building his profile, maintaining his standing on Twitter was something he would not now neglect. He convinced himself he was right and his family were wrong. His argument was that if he was losing touch with the real world then why has he got so so many followers. He was familiar with fake news and that’s all this was.

In an effort to prove his point Rick had even conducted a Twitter poll about the question of these so called shadows. The results had shown overwhelmingly that 85% of people who responded thought there was absolutely no danger of losing touch with the real world. 10% thought that if there was any shadow in the photographs it was either a trick of the light or photoshop. 5% thought the shadows might only be visible if the person is an alien. To Rick his poll was conclusive.  

Today he was in his stride and along with any worries he may once have had he left the old world behind him.  As he passed the church he Tweeted “It’s sunny here in Birmingham, it’s gonna be a hot one”

People Make The World Go Round


I was in for a long walk across the city to meet up with Emily; my girlfriend of three months standing. I scrolled down through my new musical downloads to choose some tunes to help me get to the other side of town (before the sun goes down); 1/ “Malcolm’s Theme” by Kamasi Washington 2/”Mami Wata” by Camilla George Quartet 3/”isle of love” by Cameron Graves 4/”no more war” by Yolanda Brown 5/”spirits of the ancestors” by Josef Leimberg 6/”the space between the fish & the moon” by Yazz Ahmed 7/”ashes of our forever” by Christian Scott ATunde Adjuah and 8/”people make the world go round” by Jazzmeia Horn. That should do it! I hadn’t heard any of them before; they had been recommended by Emily who was big into her jazz. The word “jazz” was as alien to me as the word “opera” but new found love has a way of opening us up to new experiences and I was prepared to give anything a go if it helped me to connect with her in a deeper and more meaningful way. She was so beautiful!! The sun came out from behind a cloud and showered me with delicate rays of warmth as the amazing sounds of music reverberated in my soul enlivening my spirit beyond anything I had ever felt before as I danced down the street truly inspired and enlightened. This was music to live for as my feet flew over the pavement towards the future and my mind eased into a harmonious spirituality that embraced all of creation as the sun carried on showering me with delicate rays of love.

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