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Every picture tells a story and everyone will read a photograph in a way that makes sense to them.

Same Scene Different Story is a project inspired by the very first image on this site. It seemed clear that in that one photograph there were lots of untold stories.

One person will see something in a photograph that another doesn’t and in conversation that photograph can take on different or new meaning or tell a different story depending who is looking at it or talking about it.

That is the starting point for the Same Scene Different Story project.

Same Scene Different Story celebrates new and different perspectives on photographs which have all been taken by participating members of the collective.

Each photograph is shared between members who respond in writing. How they respond is entirely up to them. They do not know what other members have written until they are posted on this site. To keep the site vibrant there is a limit of about 500 words on any one piece of writing. No geographical, environmental or other information is provided about the photographs. The only context for the images and the only information given to members is the photograph itself.

As a visitor to the site we invite you to ponder a moment with each photograph before reading the written works. You may find your take on the photograph to be very different from the written content. You may feel inspired to leave your comments in the section beneath each post. In fact it would be great if you felt inspired to leave your comments.

Join us for life in the slow lane…

We hope that visitors will enjoy Same Scene Different Story. If you like what you see you can use the subscription widget in the sidebar to receive updates every time a new post is published. The email address you enter is not used for anything other that the automated WordPress mailing of new content.

Members of the Same Scene Different Story collective:

EHY:  e.h. yom – Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

AS:  Ari Stratton – South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

tac:  Sheffield – South Yorkshire, United Kingdom


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All photographs and written content are copyright of Same Scene Different Story. If wishing to re-publish or use any of the content please seek authorisation via the contact page. Thank you

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