Be Clear Be Safe


Some might say the days for demonstrations are over.  Is your presence here today evidence that people still take to the streets to have their voice heard?

Sadly fear and surveillance has taken a lot of people off the streets but by speaking out today I can show people that individually we can all make a difference.

Your message is simple and to the point. Did you take long to decide on your slogan?

I’m pleased you say it is a simple message.  If you keep it simple, people will get the message. I think my message today is both simple and deep. ‘Now’ is forever present in the moment and in the future. My message has more mileage the more you think about it.

Some might say it’s a funny slogan and might see it as a bit of a joke. What would you say to them?

When you put something in the world you have to accept there will be any number of responses. Some people will get angry and abusive. Others will laugh and some will want to chat. I’m fine with any response so long as people don’t thump me.  Any response is valid and if it starts a conversation between two people then that can only be a good thing.

Your placard is quite low-tech. What decisions do you make about how to present your message?

That is an interesting question…


“yes justice” collage


“it was a waste of time as usual” “there’s nothing new under the sun” “millions of words spoken with heartfelt passion” “yet what changes do they create?” “as usual I had to go to satisfy my own conscience at the very least” “to try once more to break down the barriers that surround the truth” “we all know deep down what is fair and just” “what should happen” “what the right thing to do is” “at least when I walk the streets with everyone else I know I am not alone” “in my beliefs” “in my caring nature” “in my love” “we put ourselves on the line because we care so much” “if we had the power” “we would put an end to” “all oppression” “all injustice” “all pollution” “you know we would” “you know that” “that’s why we live every day with dread and sorrow” “and pain” “tears running down our cheeks” “every day we have to face the future we don’t want” “the future that doesn’t need to be” “walking the streets with the beautiful people” “for a few hours the future could be ours” “for those precious moments” “our voices soar above the buildings” “echoing like larks in a cloudless blue sky” “our chants” “a buzzard’s wing feathers fluttering” “in an upward spiral of thermal wind” “yes the truth” “yes justice” “yes equality” “yes be careful!”


Photo Credit: AS



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