Remember Me


Inside the telephone kiosk on the shelf which once held a telephone directory was a hand written note:

“Your companionship has been constant in my life and not a day has passed when we didn’t see each other.  Fewer things have meant more to me than knowing you would be in my life and I in yours.

I remember well our younger years and your boundless energy and the fun we had together.  I’ve seen us grow older.  As fashions changed you were always better at moving with the times than me.  I think this is why we started to drift apart.  The changes I see in you have made it difficult for me to see a future together.  While you seem able to adapt and move on in life I feel caught in a time where my memories are more important than the present.

We have seen each other through good times and bad.  Do you remember when we first met all those years ago?  The world was a big endless place where we dreamed the future would be what we made it.   There have been hard times too.  When I had no money at all you made things right for me.   When you were short of a bob or two we still found ways to make it work.  We were a team and together we could take on the world.

When I look at myself now, I see an older, life worn weary version of myself.  I feel like I no longer fit in the way that I once did.  That the world has moved on and left me trailing behind unable to keep up.  It feels like I am powerless to change these feelings and I fear my time here is at an end.  These days I see less and less of you. The relationship we once couldn’t live without has become nothing more than a few embers trying desperately to keep the fire alight.

Do I blame you for my empty life?  If I’m honest, I do.  Before he died my father Giles said he thought we would be together forever.  He would feel sad to see how we’ve ended up.  I’m not saying this to make you feel guilty but there are consequences to our actions.  Perhaps you should pause and think a little about where you are heading.

I have never been one for nostalgia and it is not something I wish for my future.  You have always been my reason for living and without you I cannot carry on.  I worry for your future but I will spare you the worry about mine.  Sadly I fear my loss is greater than yours.

Bound for a place where I don’t wish to be found, I am leaving you forever.  Please do not try to find me.  It would be more than I can bare.

Live a good life and remember what we once had.

With all my love



“Time Out” with Nurse Why


“bloody hell, Nurse, that was a rough landing” “sorry about that Number Two, we’ve got technical issues again” “just for a change eh?” “i’m afraid its serious this time tho’. The thrust stabilizers are out of sync, but even worse than that, the chronometer has completely packed in” “that’s what tells us where we are, yes?” “that’s right Number Two, i’m pretty sure we’re on earth, but where and when? not a friggin’ clue” “bloody great, lost in space, again” “if only we could afford a proper tardis like the time lords”

“well, we’d better take a look outside, see if we can work out where we are from the architecture. and what era from the clothes the people are wearing” “the buildings could be Russian or eastern European, and where exactly are the people? I can’t see a soul” “true it looks friggin’ creepy out there. glad its not me going out there” “thanks a lot, why can’t you go?” “I need to understand what’s going on here and attempt to get the instruments working again” “bloody great, innit?” “please be careful Number Two”

“hey, that was quick” “yeah, I don’t like it out there one bit. there’s no-one there. I did find out where we are from the road signs, tho’, bloody Poland” “well done Number Two, but I’ve got some really bad news” “more bad news. I just can’t cope. how bad is it?” “bad, i’m afraid. we’ve only gone and landed in a temporal black hole. time as we know it has come to a standstill. the anomaly is that you and I are not frozen, but everything else is, including our friggin’ vardis. unless we can work out a way out of this mess we are stranded here in this moment of time forever!”


Hai calls Ku



I think about you

So very far away now

I long to hear you


Into a dull day

A hope filled ringing bell sounds

so long alone here


Tentative hello

My heart rises up in fear

too long since we spoke?


Your voice from afar

My soul soars and my heart leaps

So long I have wished


Fear transformed to joy

Time and distance melt away

A long friendship wakes


Telephone Kiost |© Same Scene Different Story | SP1040063

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